What is Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN)?

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling? TDN is an invasive technique where a thin filiform needle is pierced into a muscular “trigger point” to break the cycle of pain and release muscle tension, promote healing, and improve physical function. Why do I need TDN? The knotting of myofascial tissue creates “trigger points” which are one


What is Aquatic Therapy?

Do you need to improve your balance? Have you been trying to improve your cardio and strength, but are held back by debilitating pain or unsteadiness?  Come take a dip in ACPT’s 600-square foot, heated, indoor therapy pool. Though we cannot claim it’s the fountain of youth, we can promise you will discover life-changing benefits of


Kinesiology Taping Is For You!

You now may have noticed your favorite elite athletes using K-tape—Kerri Walsh Jennings, Andy Roddick, James Harden to name a few. Guess what, K-tape is not just for the pros, but it can greatly benefit your healing and everyday functioning, too. K-tape has three main uses: pain mitigation, decompression and neurosensory input. The K-tape achieves