Advanced Care Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Why Aquatic Therapy is for You

Feel the difference in our 600-square foot, heated, indoor therapy pool.


Do you need to improve your balance? Have you been trying to improve your cardio and strength, but are held back by debilitating pain or unsteadiness?

Come take a dip in ACPT’s 600 sq. ft., heated, indoor therapy pool and discover the life-changing benefits of aquatic therapy. At ACPT, whether you are a patient or member of our Wellness Program, you will be provided with a customized exercise program designed by our physical therapists to assist your healing, and overall well-being and fitness. Heated always to 94 deg. F, you will not only improve your physical conditioning in our therapy pool, but you will suffer less wear-and-tear on your joints due to the low resistance nature of aquatic therapy.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Improve strength, conditioning, and balance
  • Increase mobility and active range of motion
  • Decompress joints and vertebrae
  • Decrease stiffness and swelling
  • Modulate pain
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