Advanced Care Physical Therapy

The Wellness Program

About The Wellness Program

Are you interested in committing to a healthier lifestyle? Have you been discharged and want to maintain or improve your fitness and well-being?
The Wellness Program at ACPT provides discharged patients access to our state-of-the-art facilities at a low cost.

Access to our gym and heated, indoor therapy pool

As a member of The Wellness Program at ACPT, one of our trained healthcare professionals will design you a custom exercise regimen and guide you through your exercises — both in our gym and therapy pool. Many discharged patients become members of The Wellness Program to improve and maintain their physical independence, functioning, and well-being.

Well-being at a Low Cost

You may attend The Wellness Program either twice or three times per week, rates varying, respectively. You are not bound to a long-term contract, only a “pay-as-you-go” monthly fee. Our Wellness Program’s low prices have not changed in 25 years — a deal you will not find at your local gym or fitness center.
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