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Physical Therapy

Personalized Treatment

Every visit you will be treated by your same physical therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy. Your physical therapist will work with you at every step of your recovery process, spending time every visit with you in one of our 11 private therapy rooms. We are firm believers in the healing power of “manual therapy” and ensure you hands on treatment by your physical therapist each visit to optimize your healing process. The time and well-being of our patients is always our top-priority — this is why at Advanced Care Physical Therapy, you will “feel the difference!”

What We Treat

At ACPT, our patient-centered treatment philosophy guarantees our patients remain our top focus from evaluation to discharge.


Your therapist at ACPT will help return your ankle mobility and strength with specialized care. Whether you have undergone surgery or an injury, we will help you recover speedily and improve your quality of life.


Arm and elbow injuries can be very debilitating. Whether you have suffered an on-the-job injury or are recovering from surgery, at ACPT we will give you the treatment you need for a speedy recovery.

Patient Stories:

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At ACPT, you will receive cutting-edge, professional care from our physical therapists to help you prevent future injury and ensure you return to play stronger than ever. Our state-of-the-art clinic will provide you with the resources you need to optimize your recovery, improve your conditioning, and get you back for game-day!  


At ACPT, we will treat your upper, mid, or lower back (and glutes), to ensure you return to living a pain-free lifestyle! With our customized physical therapy program, including one-on-one manual techniques, you will see improvement immediately. You will also benefit from using our heated, indoor therapy pool, as our back patients often find success in our instructive aquatics program.


No matter your age or physical condition, good balance is crucial to everyday function and preventing injury. At ACPT, you will receive an individualized balance and strengthening program and one-on-one attention from your physical therapist with each visit. Our indoor, heated therapy pool also offers a great alternative to land exercise because you will maximize your activity with limited resistance. We ensure you will improve your balance and strength, giving you confidence to live day-to-day without fear of falling or injury.

Patient Stories:

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We know how foot injuries can hinder your mobility and even prevent you from completing the simplest tasks. At ACPT, we will treat your foot injuries so you may recover speedily and return to living day-to-day, pain free.


From work performance, to day-to-day functioning, we know at ACPT that poor hand health can make even the simplest tasks daunting. At ACPT, our highly skilled physical therapists will give you individualized attention and assist you with a specialized exercise program to have you recover quickly  and help you reclaim your life.


If you are recovering from a hip replacement or suffer from chronic hip pain, you will recover speedily at ACPT at the hands of our skilled physical therapists. Our hip patients also benefit greatly from our heated, indoor therapy pool for treatment.


Whether you have undergone a knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, or suffer from chronic arthritic pain, your physical therapist at ACPT will help you regain your range of motion and mobility, and help you return to living a pain-free life. From your first visit, you will benefit from our manual therapy philosophy, receiving one-on-one personalized treatment from your therapist to optimize your recovery process and achieving full function.

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Patients who have suffered from strokes or other neurological dysfunctions such as CP, Parkinson’s disease, MD, etc. make tremendous improvements from physical therapy at ACPT. You will receive one-on-one attention from your physical therapist who will be invested in your recovery and success. Your experience at ACPT will be customized to your specific needs to maximize your recovery and function.

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Are you suffering from a work-related shoulder injury or fall? A torn rotator cuff? A shoulder replacement? At ACPT, you will receive personalized treatment plan to ensure you will return stronger than ever with good function.

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TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction is extremely debilitating and can affect every part of your life. ACPT will help you manage your TMJ Dysfunction with combined modalities and manual therapy techniques to optimize your recovery.

Vertigo (BPPV)

Physical therapy can be one of the most effective methods to treat vertigo. With just one visit, your therapist at ACPT will alleviate even the most tremendous spells with simple, hands-on techniques.

Patient Stories:

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