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Here’s What People Are Saying About Advanced Care Physical Therapy

You don’t need to search all over town to find quality physical therapy from certified specialists. At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, you can rest assured knowing our compassionate and licensed physical therapists give you professional treatment in a comfortable, supportive environment.

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can read what other patients have said about our programs.

You turned my therapy into something that I wanted to do. You taught me to look past the pain to be able to see a healthier future.
- Judy
You have reconfirmed my faith in physical therapy. Your patience and diligence in working with me really paid off. Thank you!
- Angela
I could never repay you for all your time, care, and thoughtfulness. Thanks for making my life a little less painful and a lot more enjoyable.
– Doree
Thank you for the excellent care I received at Advanced Care Physical Therapy. It was a miracle that I went back to work after 2 months and can now type non-stop for 7 hours a day, pain-free!
– Carol
I feel that your therapy group was truly an asset to our management team in reaching our common goal of helping see patients return to good health and work when they were physically able.
– Dr. Joy Howard Office of Occupational Medicine and Safety, City of Baltimore

Here’s What People Are Saying About Advanced Care Physical Therapy

Lydia and William Kreutzer

Lydia Kreutzer and her husband, William, make the drive from Joppatown 3 days a week to participate in the Wellness Program at Advanced Care Physical Therapy. It’s such a wonderful place, she says of the clinic. Everyone here is so friendly. They treat you like family. Lydia’s brother referred her to Advanced Care Physical Therapy for treatment of a stiff knee. Chris (Glavaris) has just done wonders for me, says the energetic 71-year-old. Now Lydia, her brother, and her husband of 52 years are all faithful members of the Wellness Program and work out weekly at the ACPT gym. I want to keep up the movement of my knee so as not to lose the mobility I gained during therapy, explains Lydia. Everyone is so nice here. They really get to know the patients. My husband and I feel very comfortable.

Noll and Jim Humphreys

Noll and Jim Humphreys look forward to their weekly workouts together at Advanced Care. The brothers keep a watchful eye out and encourage each other to push themselves further each week. Then they reward themselves by going out for a nice lunch. A resident of Brightview Assisted Living in White Marsh, Noll began coming to Advanced Care for treatment of an injured shoulder. Big brother Jim accompanied him to his weekly therapy sessions and decided to join the Wellness Program himself. I figured, why not make use of my time and work out while I was here, says Jim. Now that Noll has “graduated” to the Wellness Program, the brothers continue to enjoy their weekly tradition. He’s doing great, says Jim proudly. And I’m in much better shape, too!


When Mike first began coming to Advanced Care Physical Therapy, he could not even straighten up as the result of a back injury he suffered on a job in 1999. His injury kept escalating until he was forced to undergo 2 back surgeries in 2002 and 2004. I was in pretty bad shape, recalls Mike, who limped with his left leg and could barely bend when he began the work hardening program at Advanced Care Physical Therapy. After several months of intensive therapy, Mike stopped taking pain medication and has made amazing progress. He is now able to stand up straight, no longer walks with a limp, can lift up to 75 pounds, and is able to return to work. Instead of facing a total disability for life, the young husband recently passed his initial physical for the Baltimore City Police Academy. I liked it here and felt comfortable coming, explains the Cockeysville resident who worked out diligently 5 days a week for several hours a day. The staff members are good people who actually do the exercises with you. It felt like a family here.

Diana Orbin

Diana Orbin, a policewoman with the Maryland Transportation Authority for 22 years, developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after holding a laser speed detector in her hand every day for years as she patrolled the Route 40 corridor for speeding vehicles. The Harford County resident first received light physical therapy for her hand three times a week but developed a condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which slowed her recovery. Out of work for more than a year and anxious to return, Diana recently began the work hardening program at Advanced Care to build up the strength and flexibility in her injured arm through a customized therapy program. She now looks forward to soon rejoining her fellow officers at the Transportation Authority.

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