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How Frank M. Regained his Balance at ACPT

Frank M. knew he wanted to avoid a knee replacement at all costs. After suffering from persistent leg pain, Frank’s orthopedic surgeon agreed that a new knee would be a last resort measure, and he would instead benefit from physical therapy. After visiting other physical therapy clinics, Frank’s pain was not improving. Then his physician suggested he visit Advanced Care Physical Therapy.

“The evaluation at ACPT was very helpful,” said Frank. “They conducted the evaluation and measured different things I did on the bicycle, leg press, and other machines, but the biggest thing I got out of it, which I’m now working on at home, is to improve my balance.”

At ACPT, our patient centered treatment philosophy allows for our therapists to spend necessary time with our patients to get to the root of what is causing their problems. And in Frank’s case, this was no exception.

“As Ted, my physical therapist, explained to me, I have to re-learn balance. I’m trying to avoid an operation on my knees, so I’m improving my strength and balance which helped with my knee pain.”

Just like with Mr. Frank, at ACPT, our dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapists are relentless in their desire to improve the quality of life of every patient who walks through our doors.

“I was impressed with ACPT and would recommend it to others,” said Frank, “I went to another place and I did not feel anybody was diagnosing my case. At ACPT the technicians were helpful assisting me and gave me a lot of attention. Everyone had good personalities.”

The family-oriented atmosphere at ACPT ensures that we get to know our patients on an individual level as we treat not just the aches and pains, but aim to help the whole patient. Many patients like Frank come to ACPT and find that even by improving their strength and balance they not only regain their independence, but start living an active life once again.