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Michael’s Total Knee Replacement with Physical Therapy

I am a long-time customer of Advanced Care Physical Therapy (ACPT).   A friend recommended them to me.  She said she stumbled upon them when in need of therapy in 2006.  She was attracted by the heated pool and found all aspects of their care to be outstanding!    

I decided to check them out and am so happy I did!  I had a total knee replacement in 2019.  Subsequently, I’ve had three additional surgeries that required physical therapy.  I did not even think twice about where I wanted to go for physical therapy.   

Let’s start with the team at the front desk.  They are warm and welcoming and help you with the intake process and with understanding your insurance and copays (if any).  They get to know your name and treat you like family.  It doesn’t stop there.  The techs, therapists and management are very welcoming and personable.  They, too, treat you like family!  Everyone cares about you as a person, listen to your needs and work hard to help you heal and recover.  They are professional, very knowledgeable and skilled.  They understand how to help you as an individual.  They care about how you are feeling as you recover.  When you think you can’t do something, they gently challenge you to take the next steps and cheer you on!    

 If you are having a rough day, they understand and adjust your treatment in ways that are helpful.   This starts before you get there if needed.  (e.g., if you need a wheelchair to get to the office) and continue in the waiting area. The staff are attuned to how you are feeling and what you need. They work as a team to help you.  All that service BEFORE you get to your treatment room!!!  I tell you, it’s unheard of these days.  They don’t just let you sit in the waiting area and be miserable.  They help you!!! 

The cold/hot treatment, TENS, massage therapy, compression boots, equipment, heated pool, education about how the therapies help and the overall healing process have all been a part of my treatment regimen each time I was there for services. 

I give ACPT 10 stars!   I recommend them to EVERYONE that mentions they are having surgery that will require physical therapy.  I plan to use them, and only them, whenever I need physical therapy.  In my opinion, there’s no comparison, no competition.  The team at ACPT is THE BEST!!!!! 


ACPT Admin