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What is Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)?

BFR Training is a cutting-edge exercise technology which uses elastic, inflatable bands to restrict blood flow to “trick” the brain that muscles are working out harder, mimicking the effects of heavy lifting. Once bands restrict blood flow to the arms or legs, the body releases increased levels of growth hormone into the blood stream. This improves energy levels, increases performance and anti-aging, and improves bone density and muscle growth.

What are BFR Training bands?

BFR Training bands are elastic, inflatable bands worn on the arms or legs while working out.

Would I benefit from BFR Training?

BFR Training mimics the effects of heavy lifting without putting wear and tear on the body. The two major goals of BFR Training are, 1) increase strength 2) develop new blood vessels. Anyone trying to improve their strength without lifting heavy weights will benefit from BFR Training.

Is BFR Training safe?

BFR Training is a smarter and safer way to exercise to improve overall strength and fitness in less time, with lighter weights, to reap greater results. All patients are instructed and monitored and by our trained staff members while using BFR Training bands.

How is BFR Training administered at ACPT?

If you wish to improve your strength, conditioning, and overall health, ask your physical therapist about BFR Training bands. At ACPT, we provide all patients the opportunity to access this cutting-edge technology at no extra cost.