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Tom B.’s Total Knee Replacement Rehab Journey

Tom B. had one goal: to walk his daughter, Amanda, down the aisle at her wedding. Struggling with knee pain for years, he eventually became so unstable his knee would give out and even prevent him from walking. After undergoing a total right knee replacement, Tom came to the therapists at Advanced Care Physical Therapy to rehab him back to health. Tom’s ACPT physical therapist, Mike Nawrocki, PT, made it his mission to not only help Tom reach his goals, but to surpass them. Tom’s main rehabilitation goal was to no longer miss out on life’s big moments, and he did just that. Tom not only walked Amanda down the aisle at her wedding, but sporting his healthy, new knee, was able to join Amanda on the dance floor in a father-daughter dance. Join Tom and countless other ACPT patients who live life no longer on the sidelines, but on the dance floor.

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