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Knee Replacement Patient, Christine B.’s, Rehab Journey

Nearly 1 million knee replacements are performed annually in the United States. Therefore at Advanced Care Physical Therapy, we know how especially important it is to provide manual therapy and personalized care for our knee patients to ensure they can recover speedily and start living their lives to the fullest. The same goes for Christine B., ACPT patient recovering from a knee replacement.

Read Christine B.’s story of how she travelled 1-hour round trip for the individualized care at Advanced Care Physical Therapy.

After my knee replacement, I had two weeks of in-home physical therapy from Advanced Care Physical Therapy. My therapist was excellent and helped me tremendously during a very difficult time. After my initial two weeks, I had to get physical therapy outside my home, so I went to Advanced Care Physical Therapy. It is approximately thirty minutes from my house, but it’s worth the drive—best move I ever made! Everyone at the facility, from the therapists to the assistants, were better than I could have ever imagined. The facility provides so much one-on-one attention. They spend quality time working on your range of motion and relaxing your muscles. Then after that, you get a great work out that is personalized for each individual’s needs to help strengthen your muscles. To me, it’s equivalent to the same level of care an athlete would get. 

In my personal opinion, Advanced Care physical Therapy is the best place you can go to have physical therapy. If I ever need PT again, I would not hesitate to come back to your facility to recommend you to a friend. I honestly don’t think there is anything that you could do to improve your services. Keep doing what you are doing an thank you for a wonderful experience.  

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