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How Physical Therapy Let Glenn S. Walk Again

Especially common among senior citizens, deconditioning of muscles can lead to debilitating weakness, balance issues, and even injury. At Advanced Care Physical Therapy, many of our seniors have reclaimed their independence by improving their conditioning, strength, balance, and confidence through physical therapy.

Read Ann S.’s story about how Advanced Care Physical Therapy helped her wheelchair bound husband, Glenn S., walk again.

When my husband, Glenn, first went to Advanced Care Physical Therapy, he had problems standing, could not walk, and was wheelchair-bound, even after receiving physical therapy at another clinic. Thanks to Advanced Care Physical Therapy, Glenn is now able to walk with a cane and needs no other assistance. He is so much more relaxed and hopeful. What the physical therapist and support staff did at Advanced Care Physical Therapy was a miracle — it was nothing less than that. We want to give a big thanks to Advanced Care Physical Therapy for giving us hope, for until now, there wasn’t any. We will always be grateful for their care and kindness, especially at a time when we needed it most. 

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