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How Brandon F. Regained Movement in his Arm at ACPT

Fractured humerus, severe nerve damage, unable move or squeeze: Brandon F. arrived at Advanced Care Physical Therapy with a severely injured left arm. “Basically my whole arm was dead,” he said.

At first, Brandon could not even move his arm at a 90 degree angle. Though as he progressed in his treatment, between electrical stimulation, manual therapy, strengthening exercises, and other physical therapy techniques, Brandon’s arm healed, and he regained his strength and range of motion.

“Advanced Care Physical Therapy is like a family,” he said.  “I come even when I am not a patient to see everyone. The atmosphere and the energy is great.”

At Advanced Care Physical Therapy we take pride in our patient-centered approach to treatment, personally investing in the wellbeing of each patient, from their initial evaluation, to their discharge, and beyond.

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