Advanced Care Physical Therapy


Joe Federline, PT, MPT

Joe Federline received his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy with high honors from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, in 2003. Finishing second in his class, Joe was also honored as the recipient of the Laura G. Levine-Mandell Award, which recognizes a student who demonstrates exceptional compassion toward patients in an orthopedic clinical setting.

Joe joined Advanced Care Physical Therapy shortly after graduation, bringing to ACPT his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of current therapy techniques.
Joe’s special interests and expertise regard orthopedic physical therapy practice, specifically skills in the management of the spine. He attained these skills through a series of continuing education and Geoffrey Maitland courses. He is in the process of becoming a certified orthopedic specialist and Maitland certified. Joe is also skilled in advanced techniques on the knee and shoulder joint complexes. He is also currently working toward a dry needling certification in the state of Maryland.